All About Higos



Picture of Yamato-n shiki

From ICS website

For those people who have an interest in Higos, you may find some useful information from items included on this page


This is a list of Higo's that Jim Campbell obtained that might be of interest to other Camellia/Higo collectors.  From the best information he could glean from the list is that many on the list were in the collection of Vi & Hank Stone (S), Boozie Becker (B), and Thomas Perkins (P) indicated by the hand written designation by those Higos in their respective collection.  The description of the blooms and dates may be helpful to persons trying to identify Higos.  Please pass along to Jim Campbell any additional information you may have Higos and where they may be found.  We will try to keep this page updated on Higo info.

Jim Inskip, Azalea Farm UK, has interesting information on Higos that may be of interest to other people who enjoy these unusual blooms.  Here is a list of his Higos and also a PDF file of Higo Camellia Cultivars authorized by the Higo Camellia Society of Japan.  His e-mail information is: Jim Inskip []

Thanks Jim for sharing this information